Sherina Paton, Parent

My name is Sherina Paton and I have 2 children who have been attending Nubia African Community Foundation School since 2014.
Following a relationship breakdown I was made homeless. This resulted in a lot of uncertainty and a great amount of upheaval and disturbance for my children, as we were forced to move frequently from place to place. My children who were going to Nubia Saturday school at the time were aged 4 and 6 years old.
Staff at the Saturday School were extremely helpful in securing more stable temporary accommodation and it meant that the children were able to settle more into both their weekday and Saturday school and I was able to reduce the levels of stress I was under because of this support we had from Nubia. Both of my girls are still going to Nubia and they are doing very, very well in main stream school and at Saturday school since that time.
Friendships have been maintained and we have gotten more and more involved in school life: I now cook regularly on a Saturday, supporting the other cooks at the school and have organised fundraisers for Nubia and am looking to be more and more involved as a parent at the school.
I feel it is good to put out a request to support Nubia Saturday School with any little donation you may have because it can helps others like me and my children.
Thanks for reading my testimony.