The story of Nubia ACFS (Nubia Afrikan Community Foundation School) starts with a very interesting event. We start with Dr Femi Biko, architect of the Black Studies Class/ Introduction to Afrikan World Studies. Dr Femi Biko began teaching informally to the Afrikan community in 1980, subsequently moving to teach his BSC/AWS formally by 1985.

By the 90s Dr Femi Biko’s BSC/ AWS was well established and well attended. Affectionately known as Femi in the community, he started his next phase in bringing the information of our journey to the wider Afrikan community. Choosing individuals from each of the BSC/AWS he delivered in and around London, he created the organisation APAS (Association for Pan Afrikan Studies & Initiatives).

The purpose for APAS was to expand the BSC/AWS and to engage the wider Afrikan community from the grass roots and scholar activists, pulling together both entities for the one common purpose of Africating the mass of Afrikan people who were lacking in the knowledge of self.

APAS created a monthly public forum, where by speakers from around the Afrikan world were invited to deliver lectures and workshops, to address the needs of the community. Femi Was integral in facilitating some of these lectures.

While all of this continued Dr Femi advanced to the second phase, the inception of Nubia ACFS. From members of APAS, most whom did not have any formal teaching skills, he drew a team to run a six week Afrikan centred programme for Black children in the local community of Lambeth during the summer of 1992.

After the success of that programme, Nubia ACFS formally began in September of 1992 and the rest is Our story.

Authored by Siba Kwaku and Siba Nii Kojo