Hapshepsut 11-13

Hatshepsut was a queen that ruled in Egypt during its 18th dynasty. She was the second historically recorded female pharaoh of Egypt and has been depicted both conventionally as a female but also as a male, dressed in male clothing and even wearing the traditional false beard often seen on her male predecessors.

While she broke with tradition by being a female pharaoh, she did uphold other traditions and Egypt prospered under the reign of this tradition-defying woman. She built temples and encouraged trade. However, some historians claim that attempts have been made to delete her name and image from ancient Egyptian history by vandalizing and destroying her portraits and monuments.

We have chosen to name one of our classes after this remarkable woman to keep her name and accomplishments alive. Also to encourage, inspire and hopefully facilitate our nubians in becoming ambitious, self-driven Africans that may one day, have to defy tradition like Queen Hatshepsut.